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今回ご紹介するのは「Speak English with Misterduncan」です。
Mr.DuncanがイギリスからBritish Englishのレッスンを配信しています。






ENGLISH LANGUAGE TOPIC – THE BREXIT 2016 – Why is the UK leaving the EU?

For those learning English This topic is about the decision by the UK to leave the European Union. A special English topic if you want to learn English. The Brexit 2016. What lead to the Brexit taking place. What will happen next?

Misterduncan’s FULL ENGLISH – 1 – ONE

Episode 1 of ‘Misterduncan’s Full English’. A different way of teaching English, without a single whiteboard in sight. Welcome to the birthplace of the English language…ENGLAND. Have fun!

Misterduncan’s FULL ENGLISH – 21

A SHOCKING ‘Full English’ lesson.

Learning English-Lesson Sixty Five – The Peak District

In this lesson we visit the Peak District in Derbyshire – England.

FULL ENGLISH – 23 – English words, Grammar, Pronunciation, Spelling, Definitions. with subtitles.

Another English lesson with Misterduncan. This Full English episode features more pronunciation guides. A new buzzword. Some beautiful nature. New words and definitions for you to practice and improve your oral English. Subtitles are provided in the English lessons. Learning English should be fun.


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